Yes I know what time it is.

There are so many places I'd rather be...Places where I'm out of range, entirely.

My mantra "I can't handle you right now" is NOT WORKING for me. Guess I don't repeat it to myself enough.

One of the awesomest things about being in Europe was the fact that my cell phone didn't work. And the one time I signed into the Internet, I got my bag stolen. Coincidence?

Someone gave me the book "1000 Places to visit before you Die." I'm not that ambitious.

I want 5 places to be left alone. Anyone want to come with? Har!

What did it take a hundred years ago to get a month by the seashore? Consumption? Exhaustion? An unsuitable love affair?

Were it only that simple.

A hundred years ago, "hysteria" would get you whacked off by your doctor. To relieve tension." Perhaps, with a complicated medical device. Such cures were popular amongst the wealthy doctors of the upper class. No joke. Do you know how many patents were issued for such machines?

Were it only that simple.

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You have a very nice and interesting blog here...I love the way you are able to slide into your next subject, paragraph and sentence...

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