Things aren't supposed to happen.

(pushes glasses up on nose, begins in a slight nasal drawl)

My entry today was inspired by dialogue from the Steven Soderburgh masterpiece "sex lies and videotape:

Graham: You're right, I've got a lot of problems... But they belong to me.
Ann: You think they're yours, but they're not. Everybody that walks in that door becomes part of your problem. Anybody that comes in contact with you. I didn't want to be part of your problem, but I am. I'm leaving my husband, and maybe I would have anyway, but the fact is, is, I'm doing it now, and part of it's because of you. You've had an effect on my life.
Graham: This isn't supposed to happen. I've spent nine years structuring my life so this didn't happen.

(End Gilda Radner/Molly Shannon teen angst parody. Too draining)

What was i going to say? I really should be working. But instead I was cruising imdb, ruminating over movie quotes.

This isn't supposed to happen.
You aren't supposed to love me.
You aren't supposed to miss me.
You aren't supposed to take me so seriously.
You're taking me the wrong way.
Why can't you just not let my obsessions not get to you?
This wasn't supposed to happen.
I won't fall in love with you.
I can't have feelings for you.
You weren't supposed to find out.
This wasn't supposed to happen.

Guess what world, shit does happen.

Happen it does, and happen it will.

No one is an island. A ball bounces in Peoria, a waveform perpetuates in Algeria.

Euphonious, no?

Touch and be touched at your own risk.

Take that as you will.

Now, I'm off to my seaside cure for at least a month. Send me back in time where my calling plan has no meaning. Of course, that would mean certain waves of chaos perpetuating into the future.....

And things that aren't supposed to happen, most certainly would.

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