I need to sort out things. Although the bedroom needs it more, I may start with the bookshelf first. I think that sorting out my physical space will be helpful.

Sorting goes from easy to hard.

Like, books, books are easy. There's "not mine." Into the box. There's "hmmm...is it mine?" Split those suckers up. There's "damaged beyond repair." Trash 'em. There's "textbook, dull but useful for reference." Hmmm....I like to keep those, I'm a "you never know" person, but I'm also "compulsive about up to date." So if clearly dated or supplanted, then out they go.

Then, there's "haven't really finished but half," "classic but meaning to get to, will I ever really penetrate Ulysses?" "neglected treasures," "old worn out favorite," "freebies," "may be better enjoyed by someone else," "does this belng to someone else?" and the like. Those are the harder ones. And then do you wonder where the hell stuff went, like that set of Raymond Carver short stories or the Roz Chast cartoon set and you remember that the Roz Chast set got demolished in a flood and how fucking hard it is to replace "Mondo Boxo" and it's kind of sad.

Are books like people?
God I'm fucking clumsy, analogy-wise. Fuck me for that one.

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