Six Feet Under

What the eff?

Although I dumped an ex from a sickbed, effectively. That part made me all nuts.

In all 'art' even the stupidest - People see what they want to see.

Even fucking television.

And I repeat - what the eff?

Although I don't really believe it. And if I do, then...suck-o.

Kind of a spoiler, no?

Well, watch the rerun anyway, it ain't my fault if you haven't.


Morning dreams are the weirdest

The first dream was that I was about to make love to a gorgeous, dark-haired vaguely-familiar-looking (but I don't know who she was) woman (For some reason, I knew how to do this). Literally, right about to do it. But we were in my grandmother's apartment, downstairs. And then the dream ended, or shifted, or I woke up; I don't recall. Anyway, it never happened.

The second was a bright sunny day in the city; it may have been the meatpacking district around Gansevoort. I saw a good friend, who I'd been expecting for ages, off in the distance, at a bus stop. I couldn't reach him; I was walking quickly up the street, but my path was blocked, by well-meaning but chatty improvisors. I tried waving; I think he saw me but I couldn't be sure, and I needed to get to him. I remember lots of sunlight and shade and sunglasses, we both wore sunglasses. Then, I woke up.



Well, I've got my messed-up website up.

And I've still got my messed-up life.


Like the tapirs?