The birthday plans are moving along nicely.

Every event has a collaborator and a gem of brilliance, so far.

Now, if we can only get Eric Ripert on board.....

Keep an eye out for an array of invites!


loving the Pandora Radio today

I know you might roll your eyes at this, but I'm so glad that you exist

- The Weakerthans, "Reasons" from Reconstruction Site

In brief

Most momentarily disturbing thing I saw today: a women's double-holed leather belt with the buckle torn off. I was alarmed at the sight of it, until about a block later I saw at torn up trash bag with lots of old clothes spilling out of it and on to Morgan Avenue. Not used as a weapon, most likely.

Most stuptarded thing I saw today: hipsterish chick on the L train with an uncased ipod sticking out of the back pocket of her inane blue corduroys. I almost stole it (the ipod) on principle.

Most baffling thing I saw today: Guy with a surfboard getting off the L train at First Avenue. Huh?


The ogl is silent.

As in, "I'm so bored I've been bl(ogl)inking all afternoon."

bl(ogl)inking: the act of clicking thru the sidebar of people's blogs (as in people you know) to get to people you sort of know, to get to people you met once or twice, and discover they are fucking dull after all and you were totally right.

bl(ogl)inking. Think it will catch on?

Shana Tova. And meat!


Sexy librarian? Or just hungry?

I was trying to eat the pen.

And what's up with those 'brows?

Okay, okay....

Thanks to my 'anonymous' and non-anonymous friends and family. We at the editorial desk here had a bit of a meltdown due to the inability to eat, drink and clot blood. The bruises are fading, soup has been taken and things will shape up just fine.

In the meantime, here's a picture of a strange looking kitty:



Readers? What readers?

I seriously mean this.

Fuck it.

Honestly I don't care anymore. I just don't.

Are my expectations of people just too high?

People's expectations of me are fucked.

I will not be taken advantage of any longer.


If a vein falls in the forest....

does anyone give a flying fuck?

I am not great right now. Just wanted to let my one reader know that.

And if you do happen to see me do not fold, spindle, mutilate feed or armwrestle me.

Idiotic or sheer genius? You decide.

Sheepskin lined flip flops.
(Google Ads are the most challenging thing I can handle today.)



Held out till about 7 PM at which point I was invited to a lovely friend's home for snacking and TV watching, prematurely (but enjoyably) breaking my No Humans vow.

(Actually my Ex crashed on the sofa this morning - but I did vacate the premises for many hours. And does he really count? Let's call him Leftover Eating Furniture Adjunct.)

Hit the supermarket at an ungodly hour in search of turkey legs (my smoker is calling me) to no avail. Did run into my uncle who was far too chipper for 8 AM. Got some turkey breast (I had a friend in college who was embarrassed by the term 'chicken breast.' She's a doctor now. But anyway) and blueberries (unrelated to said t.b.) at the market. Shampooed my livingroom rug after an infuriating Quest for Mops (found a snazzy Italian one at the hardware store. Yes I am the kind of compulsive slob who buys extra mop heads when buying the mop.) Made a 'dry rub' and jammed the turkey into a Ziploc with some of it and gave some to Ex who will dump it on pasta with some oil. Weirdo. Started cleaning my linen closet. Chatted long distance while throwing out enormous little-used tubs of face mask and cocoa butter (I have no idea what I was thinking. Ever buy beauty products for no reason?) Found two cans of Solarcaine, two bottles of aloe gel and neon bright bandaids - one of which I am wearing for one of my post-show injuries. It's blue. The band aid, not the injury.

Recycled. Hydrated. Showered. CLR-d my shower head.

Hyper much? This is my idea of 'relaxing.'

On another note "Flight of the Conchords" was freaking hilarious.

Somebody pass the Xanax.

Oh, and I had a Shake Shack Concrete (with pie in it) for breakfast while strolling thru Madison Square Park. Nice!


So my Days of Avoiding All Hu-Mans are going well (my labor day present to myself). However, if you want to sleep, do not down a quart of Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea (delicious, but eye opening).

It's 320 AM. I just stirfried a pound of tofu with vegetables and packed it in containers for lunches. Jeez.

I don't want to sleep through my Days of Avoiding Hu-mans! Or shower! Sigh....


busy mcday!

Maybe there's something about this setting goals thing. I decided that I would do 2 things today - vacuum/shampoo my bedroom rug and get to the post office. Which I did, and did a mass-mailing, and cook(ing) some beans, cornbread (burned unfortunately) and roasted vegetables. Caught up with the Mountain Man. Chatted with the nephew and with my aunt. Made it to the bank, dry cleaner, stationery store and baby clothes shop. Picked up odds and ends, cleaned the litter box. Tried on the new clothes, and found them to be slightly too loose (although I do love the long legged, low waisted jeans and half-calf lace-up brown boots).

This as you can see was my day to slack off.

An interesting conversation - a woman, middle-aged, approached me on the street and asked if she could talk to me. I thought it was going to be a Witness, or some kind of random criticism, or a request for bus fare. She smiles and says, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you have knee replacement?"

For those who don't know me, I have scars across my knees. Large, prominent, wide laddery scars that wrap around the tops of my knees. I've owned them nearly thirty years (ouch) and can't imagine my legs without them.

She must have noticed them. What a conversation starter they are! She did walk with a bit of a limp, and was concerned about getting knee replacement because she was afraid she wouldn't be able to walk. She was such a cool, energetic lady. I told her I was sure she'd be strong enough to make it work, and she said she knew she would be, cause she could work. She squeezed my hand and walked off to the bus.

Anyway, just a story. About my knees.