Held out till about 7 PM at which point I was invited to a lovely friend's home for snacking and TV watching, prematurely (but enjoyably) breaking my No Humans vow.

(Actually my Ex crashed on the sofa this morning - but I did vacate the premises for many hours. And does he really count? Let's call him Leftover Eating Furniture Adjunct.)

Hit the supermarket at an ungodly hour in search of turkey legs (my smoker is calling me) to no avail. Did run into my uncle who was far too chipper for 8 AM. Got some turkey breast (I had a friend in college who was embarrassed by the term 'chicken breast.' She's a doctor now. But anyway) and blueberries (unrelated to said t.b.) at the market. Shampooed my livingroom rug after an infuriating Quest for Mops (found a snazzy Italian one at the hardware store. Yes I am the kind of compulsive slob who buys extra mop heads when buying the mop.) Made a 'dry rub' and jammed the turkey into a Ziploc with some of it and gave some to Ex who will dump it on pasta with some oil. Weirdo. Started cleaning my linen closet. Chatted long distance while throwing out enormous little-used tubs of face mask and cocoa butter (I have no idea what I was thinking. Ever buy beauty products for no reason?) Found two cans of Solarcaine, two bottles of aloe gel and neon bright bandaids - one of which I am wearing for one of my post-show injuries. It's blue. The band aid, not the injury.

Recycled. Hydrated. Showered. CLR-d my shower head.

Hyper much? This is my idea of 'relaxing.'

On another note "Flight of the Conchords" was freaking hilarious.

Somebody pass the Xanax.

Oh, and I had a Shake Shack Concrete (with pie in it) for breakfast while strolling thru Madison Square Park. Nice!

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