In brief

Most momentarily disturbing thing I saw today: a women's double-holed leather belt with the buckle torn off. I was alarmed at the sight of it, until about a block later I saw at torn up trash bag with lots of old clothes spilling out of it and on to Morgan Avenue. Not used as a weapon, most likely.

Most stuptarded thing I saw today: hipsterish chick on the L train with an uncased ipod sticking out of the back pocket of her inane blue corduroys. I almost stole it (the ipod) on principle.

Most baffling thing I saw today: Guy with a surfboard getting off the L train at First Avenue. Huh?


Maddy said...

I saw guys with surf boards in manhattan (or was it near my house in Brooklyn I can't remember) the other day. Where are the waves, dudes?

"anonymous" said...

Pick the bad joke du jour:

[ ] How many weeks did you have to wait for the L train?

[ ] Maybe surfboards are the latest fashion accessory?

[ ] Maybe he was trading the surfboard for halvah via craig's list?