More random uselessness, or useless randomness

I tried to sign on for 10 minutes to let people know that I am wearing an exceedingly ugly shirt today.

It's blue, green, pinkish-tan and white paisely. Under the button placket and cuffs (that are permanently rolled up, a great look if you have long arms), there's a pale blue stripe. The buttons stop short of the top, which means you have to look at the black lace camisole that I incongruously put on this morning.

Not a pretty sight. Trust me.



My cat just slid off my file cabinet, taking all the papers and clothes with her.
I've been on the phone for 2 hours.
I've been drinking Irish whiskey, which is very very tasty.
Dr. 90210 is on.
I thought I was going to go out, but I didn't.
I need to bake a pie.

Tenacious D - so cool!

I love funny/funnylooking/musical guys. Don't you? If you do, go see the new Tenacious D picture. Then download the soundtrack. Then continue to be amused and amazed.

"Dude (I Totally Miss You)" is my new favorite love song.

Totally predictable but so fucking hilarious. Nice bits by Paul Tompkins and Amy Poehler.

I don't go to the movies enough, and am ridiculously disappointed when the movie sucks, and ridiculously giddy when it's fantastic.

I can do without the ten previews of shitty movies. Please. Especially when I'm popcorn-and-soda free.


Man am I good!

Here's the menu. Remains up for grabs!

Toasted Rosemary Walnuts (from Laurie Colwin, "More Home Cooking")
Wild Turkey (from Quattro's Game Farms, Union Square) with Herb Butter
Turkey Gravy (fresh)
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans with Orange and Toasted Maple Pecans (from Cook's Illustrated)
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
Dressing with Pine nuts and Dried Cranberries
Butternut Squash Lasagne (from Giada DeLaurentiis Everyday Italian)
Cranberry Sauce (berry and the sliced kind)
Pear Chutney (homemade, also from Laurie Colwin, "More Home Cooking")
Pumpkin Pie (homemade)
Pecan Pie (homemade)
Apple Pie (from Black Forest in Lindenhurst)
Butter cookies with frosting turkeys on them.

OK. I'm not perfect. I didn't make the pie crusts. But I did make fresh maple-flavored whipped cream.


Haps all.
Thanks for my lovely family for making it all worth it and fun.
Photos to follow!


Obsessive? p'raps.

It bugs me that now that I've switched my Blogger account, my old posts are Not Labeled.

This will take time, that I don't have, to fix. Think I'll attempt it? Bet on it.

Did I just correct the commas in that sentence above? You betcha.

Random walks, continued

Yesterday I walked around my neighborhood. Slightly too chilly for my thermal shirt, denim jacket and corduroys...in other words, perfect. Bright and early in the East Village means a certain level of calm and quiet, with oldsters out buying the Saturday paper a day early, some hungover dog-walkers, store owners sweeping their sidewalk narrowly within the borders of their stores projected on an invisible line to the sidewalk, a few dedicated scribes in coffee shops with laptops, toast and black coffee. Stopped into Odessa to get a light-no-sugar and tasted the sweetness from where the pre-loaded cup had been emptied. Adjusted the brown bandanna (a remnant of a past relationship, if not a remnant then a reminder) that was sliding down over my eyes and hardly sheltering my shower-wet hair. I walked to Tompkins Square, past the homeless group milling about, awaiting the Christian meal truck, past the empty chessboard tables in the area where Tent City used to be. I sipped my coffee and strolled in lazy loops, pausing on a bench, balancing my phone between neck and ear as I wiped the stray coffee from my pants leg. I rounded the large paved expanse in the middle where small film crews and photogs often pause. I passed the playground, the dog run, and found a happy spot in the middle of the park. When the leaves are all on the trees, you feel sheltered, and it's as if there are no buildings surrounding you. Peering through the trees in November, you can see the tenements and occasional high-rise cross-hatched by the bare branches. I happily kicked some leaves, as no pile of leaves should be left unkicked. I passed the Parks Department man who was leaf-blowing and smiled, perhaps too late. At the east end of the park I saw a gathering outside the old church. Was it a wedding? Funeral? Just a Saturday mass? I walked along the eastern edge of the park, passing my family's ancestral home on 7th Street.

It was nice to have company on my solitary walk, even by way of cell phone. I'd have enjoyed it either way, but it was quite pleasant.

Autumn. New York. Cliche? Perhaps. Wonderful.


A huuuuge blow to my self esteem

Not really. According to current standards of bloglebrity, I'm not up to blogging snuff.

So everyone who sees this...love me! At least electronically.

Thanks to Will Hines, everyone's favorite C-list blogger. Of course this will only shoot him straight into the B-list-osphere.

D-List Blogger


Reproduced without permission...the most brilliant intercontinental conversation EVER.

Originally titled "Cunts x 10."* See if you can figure out why?

read them, count them, and count them again, you cunts:

Scarpe708: This is fun, I like improv with you, you cunt
mir777: You are a good scene partner, for a silly cunt
Scarpe708: The English can be quite fuuny, as we are cunts...
mir777: So can New Yorkers, because we are witty Jewish cunts
Scarpe708: I will ALWAYS love you New York, you're still cunts
mir777: I love England, even though it is full of Cunts
Scarpe708: You are still counting to ten, you clever bitch cunt
mir777: Yes, I am brilliant even when I am a cunt
Scarpe708: I can't keep up now, can I? you funny cunt
Scarpe708: I will blog this, you know that, don't ypu? cunt
mir777: It's getting harder and I'm starving, you distracting sleepless cunt
mir777: Yes yes yes yes yes blog cunt cunt cunt cunt
Scarpe708: And scene, cos we can still end up saying cunt

9 words plus cunt to a sentence. get it? cunts?

*non-Anglophiles should know that the old c-word isn't nearly as BAD in the UK, home of 'scarpe708,' as it is here in Noo Yawk City.

ps - Cunt!


And what's with that hair?

The young....(circa 1985)

The terrifying...(circa 2001)

The not too shabby...(circa 2005)

A controversial rejoinder.

Plaid boxers. No doubt.


A controversial opinion.

Republicans. Why are they so darn sexy?


Nyet, nyet, nyet.

Sorry, Billy.

I rented "Gorky Park" because (a) I loves me a good Cold War intrigue novel and this was a fine one, and (b) I loves me some William Hurt.

Wrong, wrong.
What LANGUAGE are you speaking? All the Russians are essentially voiced as working-class Brits, but Mr. Hurt, your accent of faux-Soviet-stilt combined with dialect-tape upper class English, slipping back into American WASP every ten words or so.
Distracting! Arrgh! Arrgh!

I'm waiting for Lee Marvin to appear. Then, back in the red envelope you go!


Who's your fave Girl next Door?

Holly's the main one. Bridget's the smart one. Kendra's....the blonde one.


Vote for Mark & Ari!

They're good people. Funny people. And the film is friggin' hilarious!