Reproduced without permission...the most brilliant intercontinental conversation EVER.

Originally titled "Cunts x 10."* See if you can figure out why?

read them, count them, and count them again, you cunts:

Scarpe708: This is fun, I like improv with you, you cunt
mir777: You are a good scene partner, for a silly cunt
Scarpe708: The English can be quite fuuny, as we are cunts...
mir777: So can New Yorkers, because we are witty Jewish cunts
Scarpe708: I will ALWAYS love you New York, you're still cunts
mir777: I love England, even though it is full of Cunts
Scarpe708: You are still counting to ten, you clever bitch cunt
mir777: Yes, I am brilliant even when I am a cunt
Scarpe708: I can't keep up now, can I? you funny cunt
Scarpe708: I will blog this, you know that, don't ypu? cunt
mir777: It's getting harder and I'm starving, you distracting sleepless cunt
mir777: Yes yes yes yes yes blog cunt cunt cunt cunt
Scarpe708: And scene, cos we can still end up saying cunt

9 words plus cunt to a sentence. get it? cunts?

*non-Anglophiles should know that the old c-word isn't nearly as BAD in the UK, home of 'scarpe708,' as it is here in Noo Yawk City.

ps - Cunt!


Sam said...

Scarpe708, making 'Cunt' acceptable, one blog at a time...

Michelle said...

Indeed! We cunts will RULE THE WORLD!