Man am I good!

Here's the menu. Remains up for grabs!

Toasted Rosemary Walnuts (from Laurie Colwin, "More Home Cooking")
Wild Turkey (from Quattro's Game Farms, Union Square) with Herb Butter
Turkey Gravy (fresh)
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans with Orange and Toasted Maple Pecans (from Cook's Illustrated)
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
Dressing with Pine nuts and Dried Cranberries
Butternut Squash Lasagne (from Giada DeLaurentiis Everyday Italian)
Cranberry Sauce (berry and the sliced kind)
Pear Chutney (homemade, also from Laurie Colwin, "More Home Cooking")
Pumpkin Pie (homemade)
Pecan Pie (homemade)
Apple Pie (from Black Forest in Lindenhurst)
Butter cookies with frosting turkeys on them.

OK. I'm not perfect. I didn't make the pie crusts. But I did make fresh maple-flavored whipped cream.


Haps all.
Thanks for my lovely family for making it all worth it and fun.
Photos to follow!

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