You know, people, or as some comics like Rick Shapiro (one of my latest obsessions) like to say, PEOPLE....I've completly lost my train of thought. Shit.

My point, that I've been rolling around in my head all night, is basically a distillation of the wisdom of an oddball assortment of influences, including my dad, my Trial Ad professor, Frank at Stand up NY, assorted friends and former friends, therapists and former therapists, a big chunk of relationship life, and whatever sense my own brains gave me (and the words of a certain improv coach sticking his big old face in mine barking GET TO THE FUCKING POINT ALREADY!).....

Words are not to be taken lightly. Words are fucking bullets, and there are no accidental words. Thoughts and sentences should be handled like loaded guns; don't point them at people unless you have unloaded them personally.

Words are the tools of our trade, the gifts of evolution and intelligence, of learning and experience and reason. Words are not to be fucked with.

Use as many words as you need, no more no less.
If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Think before you speak.
Some things you say can never, ever be taken back.
Think of how you'd feel, hearing that.
Say less, listen more.
The less you say, the less you have to answer for or worry about later.
Get to the fucking point!

The ability and the platform and the space to communicate is a fucking gift, if you are given such an opportunity, treat is as such. If you have such an ability, do not fuck it up. nurture it, challenge it, work hard with it, consider it a blessing and leave it not idle to rot and fade away.

One person is no less an audience than twenty or one hundred.

Words on paper are fixed and lack depth and are subject, more often than not to misinterpretation.
Words spoken often come out too soon, too fast and often just as murky.
Is it ever easy?

George carlin often talks about the words themselves. Listen to him.
Lenny Bruce talks about the words themselves.
Words don't kill people, although they pretty much did kill Lenny in the end.

Although generalities are easy and specifics are hard and again, I may be talkin out my ass.....

Never ever ever ever refer to a women's weight if you are in a relationship with her. Regardless of her actual size. Ever.
Never ever refer to a woman as "nothing" in any sense whatsoever. No matter what your actual intentions are. Ever.
These things tend to stick.
I thought long and hard before saying this.
I think long and hard before sharing this journal.
I'm still thinking. Perhaps, unduly so.

Words are arrows, daggers, blankets, pillows, flowers, poison, cocktails, glasses of warm milk.

Words are power, submission, permission, obfuscation , enlightenment, opportunity.

Do not fuck with them.

Do not.

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