I do tend to have 80% of the conversation in my head....

so why should this journal entry be any different?

"....i have to do something about this. This has to stop, it can't go on...."
"...start keeping track, or it's not doing me any good...."
"....convince him it's the right thing to do? Fucking blood work. I need an ally...."
"...answer those emails...."
"...two sets of monologues....maybe as characters? Got to get together...."
"....i have to do something about this. A week maybe....will it be noticed? unilateral action..."
"shit...next week..."

(I think I caught ADD working in Family Court for so long. However, that theory doesn't hold up. I think I've always been like this, operating on several wavelengths and having 80% of the conversation in my head, which is harder to convey on paper than I realize. It was actually pointed out to me back when I was a social worker, by my ex-boyfriend. He thought it was because of his slight LD and the fact that maybe he just couldn't keep up. Wrong! BC, it wasn't you. It really was me. At least on that point.)

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