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Oh dear, am I horrible? This is (almost) a bit-free entry. Almost, of course. Come on, this is me.

So I mentioned to the ex that I'd called my ex-boyfriend (who'd given me the kitty in the first place), and he was pretty unhappy I'd given up the kitty.

I didn't expect this. G'd been bugging me for years, Why dont' you call your exes, stay in touch, blah blah. Keep in mind, he was friends, etc (?) with almost all his ex-girlfriends and fuck buddies, except for the ones who couldn't handle him (and he'd tried to insinuate himself into their lives anyway). But I'm not really like that, I'd think about people, move on, I'd have folks on my mind, but whatever. I never called B. Until the other night (see below) and yes, it was nice. And honestly, I don't have that many exes.

The ex(husband) was pissed. Mad, jealous, pissed.
And I couldn't stop laughing. He admitted, he didn't expect it. The jealousy. He's figuring out, that I'm not "his."
Mad jealous. Laughing. Oh dear.
Now what would the poor man do if he found out, say, I was hittin' dudes theoretically young enough to be his kid? (I mean, not that I am, but I could be!)
Oh dear. Too funny!
To quote a future sketch work in progress...."Are we awful?"

(clarification: To you kids out there, my future ex is 44 years old. Old! Precambrian, preMTV, precomputer My ex-boyfriend is 46 Damn, I'd forgotten about that. Guy I was hittin' around the same time I was dating the ex-B is probably, by now, over 50. I actually need to look him up, for a slew of other purposes....but oh, another entry for another time. Yeah, I had my older-man phase. Never slept with a guy in his 20s when I was in my 20s. Well, a couple of odd times, but not with any regularity. Why am I telling you people this? Sheesh. Ancient history. Get it? Maybe I need to resurrect "sexual peak...." Oh no, even worse.)

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