$38.78 IS technically UNDER $39.00!!!

Sometimes I find watching QVC soothing. There, I said it. I wouldn't buy the stuff, I've tried and have gotten crap clothes (way small and fllmsy) and weird food (the legendary overwrought Mrs Prindables Candy Covered Apples I served at a New Years party as a sci-fi dessert). I did, however, get a huge box of neat kids books once, that have served me well as gifts, but I digress.

Their downmarket cousins, HSN, are too hilarious and erratic to be soothing, and are best watched with others, preferably when under the influence but perfectly silly when sober too.

"Versatile," "Bohemian" and "Comfortable" are the catchwords I've heard the most in the past hour.

Because that's what I look for in clothing and accessories.

The brightly lit worlds, full of well manicured ladies and blond wood and fit models in Medium and 1X and happy happy happy people with precision measurements at the ready, the availability stoplight flashing at precise intervals, and soooo many ways to wear those kicky designs!

Sometimes (catch a breath)...the Designer Themselves appear! Usually a designing man, sometimes but rarely a woman...to help pump up the volume and the possibilities - How many ways can YOU wear that belt? Two heads are better than one!

And the callers, oh the callers.

The last one was from Queens. Turns out that the host AND designer were both from Queens too!

Connections. Versatility. Availability.

That's the world of QVC.

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