Off to bed with ya!

Head still awry, not quite myself.

Passed a lovely evening with my best buddy, slurping up cheap Chinese food, and after watching a fair amount of "football," humorously ripping on the Brits for an equal amount of time. (With apologies, naturally, to all my lovely English friends. There, that didn't take long. I didn't start it. I actually watched for sport AND cute players, unlike SOME people who merely were watching for looks! Barclays EPL highlights, for those who care.). Watched a lot of "Project Runway," which is more or less brilliant, sorry I missed the earlier part of the run.

Returned some phone calls, some email, sent out some resumes, gathered some intelligence on a covert (!) project, cleaned up a bit, was otherwise more or less useless today. Downloaded stuff (useful, not trashy). Helped friends with things. Hmm, maybe not so useless.

I abhor the lack of font creativity in these posts. Jeez, even the "other message board" upon which I post has more than this!

I can't believe Joss Stone is so freaking young, damn!

Happy Fucking VD. Bah humbug.

(what no flowers? Prices jacked up this time of year anyway. Opportunistic fuckers.)


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