First Time Meetings...Survey Says?

A Quinipiaq College Pole of up to 1000 lovely ladies was performed. (Or, a treatment for an Oxygen channel talking-heads show...Hmm, brilliant! No Stealing!)

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"I took my big gay friend with me, partly as insurance in case this guy was a total creep/loser/creepy loser, and partly to scope out the restaurant for annoying coworkers, which he did neatly and quietly and then departed. Because as we approached the restaurant, the one guy who was waiting clearly was not creepy looking. In fact, he was kind of hot, even bundled up in a green winter coat and lugging a backpack. Wow. Damn."

"We had our cellphones in our hands at our ears as we approached each other on Orchard Street because we were both convinced we had missed the other after missing a few calls. We looked up and smiled and clicked our phones off. He bent down, being seriously tall, and laughed and said Ha ha, well, I kiss you now, no? and kissed me, quickly, but on the lips as my head was tilted up by his great hands. I was surprised but not unpleasantly so. Must be a European thing."

"I'd just gotten off the subway after kind of a hectic day and done the makeup reapply in transit, so I was a little concerned. Turns out I was right to be, because for the first time in my makeup wearing life I managed to get lipstick on my teeth. Which turned out to be an okay thing, since we were both really nervous and it was the first thing that made us laugh."

"You know I don't remember actually "meeting" since we worked together....just not always in the same location, just for the same business, running around in the field, but we'd bump into each other in the office a fair amount somehow. And then, maybe start hanging out with some of the others from his division...or was that afterwards? I do remember the one day he suggested actually doing something, going somewhere, together, and I remember looking up at him and smiling in my best flirtatious tone of voice, 'are you asking me on a date?' And yes, he was. And, weirdly, I felt all Southern somehow, Lord knows why, and flattered and flirted with and adored at that moment and it was cool."

"Not that I wasn't thinking how absurdly short he looked in the absurdly low booth, in the fairly quiet bar, drinking a beer and seriously reading a newspaper, which was somehow endearing. Much better looking than the photo. And just the right height, turned out."

"It was pretty late as my taxi zoomed up from the Village towards 8th Avenue towards 56th Street or thereabouts. He wasn't there yet, but it gave me time to get money and mints in the deli. Since we both had other plans that night, it worked out OK. He looked like he stepped off the pages of the J. Crew catalog but I thought hell, there's nothing wrong with being neat, even at this hour. And hell, it's just one drink. Right?"

"And after drinks, and dinner, I remember thinking, hmm, he's kind of weird, but still, pretty cute. Do I need to know about every woman he's ever dated, ever, in his life? And does he need to know about why I don't keep in touch with my old boyfriends? We split the check. No kiss goodnight, though, I did kind of want one."

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