Pretty in Pink, Blue...or I Love Pens!

You know how you think that buying office supplies will magically make you a better, more organized, more productive person? (Yes, you do, I got confirmation from several sources today. Or, as one of them also mentioned, "stealing them from your office." Somebody's a little Post-it stealing sneak-thief! I knew it!) Anyway....I do need paper clips, and anything lift-able from work I won't buy, yes.

But pretty collored folders, resume paper, envelopes big and small, snazzy roller or felt pens, and yes...notebooks! Two brand new neat spirally tabby notebooks! And printer paper.

I did forget batteries, alas. So my remotes and such are dead.

I just realized that "pens!" looks a lot like "penis" when you look quickly. Or is that just me? Okay.

The "Dead Kennedys" are cranking. I need to shower.

Where one friend of mine loves the four color clickable pens, (Guest Shopper: "I like to click all the buttons at once till they break."), I am morally opposed. They reminded me of the compulsive geeks of Developmental Biology who used the different colors to draw different embryonic layers. Then again, that was the one bio class I did shit in (who put the d in d-bio......we did!), so maybe it was just a matter of .....Office Supplies!

My college bookstore was my comfort zone of office supplies and Cheddar Goldfish. Half a bag of Cheddar Goldfish and a couple Diet Cokes and a Snickers was a meal to me. (Cheddar was protein, right?)

Anyhoo. Wish there was an office supplies equivalent that would make me more productive in other areas of life. I need to get off the blog thing. I need to brainstorm actual projects, apply for jobs. Maybe if I had a purple, shiny keyboard to pop on!

Most places are email submission now, so the resume bond will likely languish. But just in case.

I got new towels, too. Will it make me a more productive bather?

"Chemical Warfare, Chemical warfare, Chemical warfare, warfare, warfare....."


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Paul. You've got an okay site. As for office supplies making you more organized, I sold office supplies in Ottawa, Canada for 15 years and I'm organized. Really. As for being organized in other areas of your life, forget it. The reality is that unless you're living on a deserted island, other people f**k up what your perception of organized is. Don't know you, but hope you are truly doing just great. Take care.

Michelle said...

Thanks Paul! Doing my best. Do you have any ideas about how I can improve my site? Do you still sell things?

Anonymous said...

No...I gave up selling things because I 'burnt out'. It didn't make sense selling things that were more than not thrown out later. I felt guilty. I did real estate for a couple of years, but that was no less 'real'. Believe it or not, I'm now in the military. It's okay. I fix planes. Actually, it's not that great because I only supervise people who fix planes, but someone has to do it. As for your site, I'm systematically reading through it, so for now, just keep doing what your doing. I like it. Cheers, Paul