Do I hate Valentine's Day? You betcha. But I've always hated it. No bandwagon-jumper, me!

Even back in college, when I was engaged (not to the current F-X) and the fiancee gave me as a gift (I was on a weight-loss program) the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as a VD gift..."for inspiration."

Fuck off.

Anyhoo...Valentine's Day to me has always been a Hallmark holiday, an excuse for people who are already getting laid to smugly celebrate that fact, an excuse for florist price-gouging, stale-chocolate-pushing and restaurant-overbooking. And for the single and singlish (how long do you have to date before you get a dust-collecting teddy-bear gift?) to feel bad, awkward and mildly queasy?

And it's initials are VD. What else do you need for maximum hatin'?

So it's always been Anti-Valentine's day for me and my gal pals. Either live and in person for drinks or on the phone, bitching about guys and the society we live in. Although the actual activity diminished over the years, the sentiment was the same. And even married and seriously coupled, my sentiment and behavior remained firm, and my husband was secretly relieved. No satin-bowed chocolate boxes for me, no sir! No fuzzy-wuzzy bears! Buy my flowers next week, damnit!

I still resolutely think it's a stupid, annoying and purposeless holiday.

Still.....I dunno. Am I missing something?


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mrblackromantic said...

True... well I'm not one to defend love after the beat down it gave me. But I do look forward to the one day when I am peddling GODIVA chocolates and using rose petals to decorate a bedroom...