grrr! And a message for visitors!

grrrr! Fuck 'em! grrrr!

oh, just stop being such an incredible pussy, and just be an Incredible.....!

ya know.

Today I yelled into a cellphone at him from stage (granted, just in practice, but still.) Fucking liberating! Hoo ha.

It's a bit liberating being away from the old blog hometown. I'm sure some will follow (some have, I know). So, it shouldn't be much different. But, it is.

No more journaling for tonight. Job applying, resume fixing, other exotica.....Peace Corps anyone? Hoo ha!

(Oh, and FYI, I noticed that you can post comments anonymously, w/o joining up with this site.)

Also, I'd like to find out how to put in links. Maybe I'll link back to some....or not. Jury's still out on that. Working on it.

Hoo ha! (That was solely for the Rule of 3s. Everyone knows that one. But do you know the Rule of 37? Betcha don't!)

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