Linkage, not shrinkage!

I am contemplating linking my other "comedic" blog to this one, but the intimacy of the connections frightens me a bit.

If anyone has an opinion, please let me know. That one is linked to this one, but this one is not linked to that one.

Way to make sense, doobster!

I also haven't disclosed this one to lots of people.


I'd like some new readers (I think the same old people are reading this one as the old ones), and I wonder if I want my other friends from other orbits checking it out. New strangers would be cool too.


"This Town" by the Go Go's is on right now.
I am enjoying a wee nip of scotch
I am wearing pants.

Exciting, no?

I am not, however, going to publish the contents of my grocery receipt from today's shop. That would just be darn silly. Darn silly indeed.

Baba ghanoush in a can, two pounds salmon, scallions, sugar free meringue cookies.....

Devo? How did Devo get on my iTunes? Girl U Want?

Real time slice o'life!

Pear sauce, mango salsa, white asparagus, bread crumbs, Greek feta with herbs, brick of romano cheese (ungrated), chicken breast, bunch of fresh dill, Greek fat free yogurt with cereal and fruit, Kosher hot dogs (lowfat, awesome), Zabars yogurt cole slaw (Surprisingly good. Oh - in case you couldn't tell it was fancy-store shopping)

Wind Beneath my Wings - ouch, okay, fine - the song that made my future-ex automatically make the pistol-in-mouth motion!

Hmmm, is that really it? Zabars on Saturday is a fucking zoo, might be all.

Oh - Parma ham. Incredible with asparagus.

You are the wind beneath my wings....

Enough! Basta! This is NOT Blog O' the Year Material! This is Avoiding Laundry while sipping Scotch material!

Thanks you..thanks god for you the wind beneath my wiiings.....

Signing off to "Everybody wants to rule the world"

Welcome to my life....

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Louie said...

My iTunes got switched with your iTunes the last time I hacked into your computer in order to see what porn you look at! Sorry about that, I'll fix it right away. ;)