I am fifteen

Here's why:

1. My face is breaking out (sort of, really)
2. I am eating weird foods, and want to drink and smoke up lots
3. I am raging against my parents in a huge way
4. Boys are a huge pain in my ass right now. (In fact, I think most of them still act pretty much like fifteen year olds, don't they?? Ahem.)
5. I'm kind of into clothes right now
6. I'm keeping a journal (or two)
7. I'm writing reams of bad poetry and prose
8. I'm slacking when I should be working
9. Nobody understands me, man....Nobody gets it.
10. I'm sleeping with a cute and cuddly stuffed puppy whose name I won't share.

When I really was fifteen, I had a couple of part time jobs, school, tons of activities, and I was busy taking care of my family and ducking abuse. No time for rebellion, young lady!

I am not, however, drawing hearts with initials in them on my legal pads. I swear.

And, I think there's like, this guy, who like, maybe kinda likes me a little. (Disclaimer: I'm sure it's nobody you know, or think you know, so just stop it. Cut it out. Seriously.) And he's like totally not my type but he is kinda cute. Too young, too much hair. Whatevs.

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