Things to do/have done/will have done/should have done/should not have done/to be done/am doing

1. Go see lots of shows
2. Get obliterated
3. Hang out with friends
4. Smoke butts
5. [xxxxxxxxxxxx]
6. Perform in show
7. Clean house
8. Snuggle with ex-husband
9. Write sketches/jokes/monologues with/without partner
10. Get more obliterated
11. Set up client meeting
12. Fight w/ex-husbahd
13. Have big steak dinner with dad
14. Anxiolytics and Diet Coke, anyone?
15. Taxes
16. Listen to music
17. Don't listen to music
18. Watch stupid sports
19. Assemble boxes
20. Nap time!

Where x=various embarrasments/behaviours. This includes having a stupid cry in a public place, among other things.

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