Indoor Football? College Basketball? Soccer? Bring it!

I finally, today realized that TV sports are inherently comforting, and often, if you don't care about the individual teams, independent of the sport.

Right now I am trapped in my room with my recalcitrant ex-husband cleaning a closet filled with half-empty paint cans, old coats he found, and God knows what else. I need to assemble my tax receipts and I am stressed. And I am extra grouchy with him, since yesterday he didn't do this (and grouchy with myself, because I let him snuggle in bed with me yesterday afternoon. I certainly didn't, on paper, require the additional snuggling, and goddamnit not from him. But, I can be a very weak and wanton woman sometimes.)

My TV had switched from the McLaughlin group as I perched on my pillow covered computer chair, typing up my taxes. It was showing indoor football (American football). And I realized the familiar rhythm...the undulating cheering in the background...the smooth male announcer banter citing player trivia between plays, discussion of the rules, injury status, etc, rhythmic and level and rising and falling when play dictated, flawlessly. I was mesmerized.

And I thought, yes, baseball, football, basketball (A little screechier, by virtue of its indoors, wooden floors, hoops and whistles), hockey (A little slammier, by virtue of its structure and speed and slamming), soccer, curling, cheerleading, whatever. It's all the same, in a way...and I love it. I wondered why I would even be mesmerised by the Telemundo broadcast of a football match between Argentina and Croatia (besides the sheer hotness of that all)....but the rhythms, the cantor, the tone the game is all the same, even when I don't follow it all.

Play ball!

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