Things I have found in my room

- A handheld "organizer" G got as a "good service" gift from the company that i was gonna sell on eBay
- At least four packages of envelopes.
- Very old business cards
- A half-bent Bloomingdales credit card
- One rollerblade
- G's old work uniform I am tempted to keep as a costume
- Forgotten to be returned clothes - bras, rain coat
- Docking cradle for way old Palm device I don't have
- Unmarked CDs and some game CDs
- Can of "office cleaner"
- Millions of wire hangers
- My fattest fat jeans (don't even ask, it's tragic)
- Picture from same era
- A baby gift I never sent (oops)
- Friend's molecular biology publication
- Books I tried and failed to sell on half.com
- 16 Playboys that are up on eBay
- George Foreman grill (again, failed to sell on eBay which is fine because it would have been a pain to pack and ship.)
- Pounds of dust. I am choking. Will the crap-sifting never end?

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