(in the style of an ancient buried blog)

Number of Claritin taken tonight: 1
Number of hours Claritin should work: 12
Number of hours past proposed bedtime: 1.5
Number of liters of Iced Diet Green Tea with Honey remaining in house: 1
Number of pints of melted frozen dessert in freezer: .8
Number of pillows on bed: 5
Number of adequately stuffed pillows on bed: 2
Desire to sleep: High
Ability to sleep: Low
Amount this is blamed on Claritin: 75%
Number of cans of cat food remaining in house: 0
Time cat will wake up owner for cat food: 630
Condition of throat: Scratchy and swollen
Possibility of taking off work tomorrow: Zero
Level of grouchiness: High
Need to vacuum rugs: High
Bottles of partially drunk whiskey: 3
Countries bottles of whiskey are from: 3
Number of short stories completed tonight: 1
Number of short stories started tonight: 3
Number of poems written tonight: 1
Interest in poetry as an art form: Low

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