I got plenty of nothin'

I'm artistically stunted right now. Work and life are kicking my ass at the moment. I'm too tired to wash my socks (although I did get a load of dishes in last night and cultured some sink mold. fun!). Whine, whine, whine. As a result I've got nothing interesting to say at the moment.

To keep all three of you readers busy, here's some fun facts and places to go.

1. Toasters are neat!

My friend Chris got the Toast-o-lator, an appliance from the late 30s that uses a conveyor to march the bread through the toaster in an oh-so-joyous way! (see a similar one above) If this makes you as happy as it made me, check out Toaster Central. And eat toast! Mitch Hedberg loved toast, you should too!

2. Rachael Mason is super cool, and Superfree! Read her blog about growing up a New Yorker.

3. Sudoku is a good way to numb your brain.

4. Chris also brought my attention to this society site, darling. Read about parties you'll never go to! The shopping section is divinely amusing. Personally, it almost made me buy cashmere socks.

5. I am compulsive enough not to end my lists on an even number; I actually prefer multiples of 5. Hmmmm....Oh, here's one. I was craving English snacks (specifically Ham and Mustard Crisps) so I checked the website for local brit grocer Myers of Keswick. Browse the Brit food and giggle immaturely at 'spotted dick,' 'cockaleekie soup' and, (for an English site they have a TON of typos), 'ass. deoderants.'

Enjoy! See you when I'm not artistically dormant!

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"anonymous" said...

Okay, it's an interesting toaster, but wouldn't it be fun if instead of "marching" the bread there was some way to do a shuffle of the toast instead? Just think of the feedback loop to time the "ding" to indicate the toast is done.