Someone must have planted it.

I just found my first gray hair. Sticking at a forty-five degree angle from the very top of my head, like a strange insect antenna. It was weirdly wiry, and had the texture of fishing line.

Upon closer inspection (I pulled it out promptly because it was so fascinating), it turns out not to be gray but white. Bright white.


Maddy said...

Oh, I got my first gray when I was 24. I can see them, even in the blonde, they just sit different than the other hairs. 6 years later the original gray has only been followed by about 5 more.

"anonymous" said...

First? First?!?

I remember when I got my first. A friend saw it when we were listening to some cassettes. Then, approx a year later, I decided where to send my college applications.

At least they've been coming in slowly since then, and at least it wasn't 8-tracks.