What a character! Or, guess who bought a new scanner.

I'm adorable! (age 3?) and I do look like my dad. Awwww!

I caught this! (Age 7) Unafraid of the slimy (I'd already dissected my first fetal pig, thank you) and displaying my characteristing and amazing joint flexibility (Look at that wrist! weird!)

I hit this! (Age 21) Check out the killer form on that swing. Nobody flings a bat better on the "jenkins jets" Biophysics department softball team! (catcher, warm-up pitcher, occasional third baseman if I recall). I miss my glove.


Gypsy said...

what would you doooo if i sang out of tuuuuune...it's just like the opening credits to the wonder years! but in blog form! awwww!

ThursdayJava said...

That jumpsuit you're wearing in the fish pic is fetching, Michelle. Mama likes!

Michelle said...

It's my Sears best? (But shouldn't there have been a fetching tshirt underneath it? Such a junior exhibitionist!)