One giant post instead of three stupid little ones

1. Pair o'Docs, or why the eff am I on jDate?

For someone who doesn't want involvement, I spend too much time on cheesy personal ad sites. Kind of like eBay for humans; I like to ponder how accurate they are in their descriptions, see how long it would take for them to be snapped up and the like. I'd come up with a better analogy, but the Diet Coke is fogging my brain pan.

Fun Facts:

- There are non-jews on jDate, didya know that? Oy!
- Nerve personals is incompatible with Firefox. Ouch!
- Once, my friend M- and I played email tag with a plushie (or is it furry?) on alt.com. The photos received were legendary. (Considering there were costumes AND stuffed animals, our friend may have been both.) Grrrr!

This is how not interested I am:
- There is a Star Trek-related paperback in my bathroom.
- My sheets are barely attached to my bed...because the cat clawed them.
- I haven't cleared the laptop browser of embarrasing web browsing acts nor cleared my coffee table of an embarrasing quantity of takeout menus.

I am slightly disturbed to find out that I am out of Nair, however. I'm nothing if not slightly prepared. I'm still slightly vain about that.


I've got a bunch of shows coming up.

I've got one Tuesday at the Laugh Lounge that I'd really like to invite you to. Whomever you are.

Check it out here.

3. My feelings at this moment can best be expressed by Courtney Love.

I missed a party the other night because I was dead dog tired.

I missed a workshop today because I am stone cold stupid.

I showed up at the dentist Friday and had no appointment.

Just a peek into my aforementioned damaged brain.

"I'm Miss World. Somebody kill me."
- Hole


Anonymous said...

It's "Somebody kill me."

Michelle said...

Corrected. Thanks!