A poll for the gentlemen and perhaps a portion of the ladies

Please to tell me, what is hot? (And then please to tell me why I am typing in a bad fakey-Slavo-American accent? Okay, that bit's over.)

a) Woman hitting a baseball
b) Woman playing a saxophone
c) Woman smoking a good cigar
d) Woman firing a gun (presumably not at you; let's presume a nonhuman target)

Curiousity abounds?! At one point, I'd post a poll on the jolly old improv boards, but I'm trying to diversify my internet options and sample population at the current time. I've also done three of the four things above as an adult.


Michelle said...

I am fully expecting something from the five gentlemen I know who read this journal. Curiously their names are all "Anonymous."

Anonymous 1 of 5 said...

I would vote for the saxophone, followed by the baseball. I don't find the cigar or gun hot (regardless of the target).

And why not be "anonymous"? You can tell who we are anyway.

Michelle said...

This would be the sax player, wouldn't it?

(I am positive that 'not the gun' rules out at least three out of five anyway.)