If food were christmas packages

I would be unwrapping the following tasty treats:

- a crispy potato latke
- an order of sashimi or chirashi (white rice, PLEASE)
- a white Russian
- spaghetti carbonara
- some kind of cheese. Just because. As long as it's not fontina or muenster, the tofu of cheeses (in a negative sense). Is there any cheese that sucks worse than muenster? I'd rather eat Laughing Cow or, heaven help us, Velveeta (which if applied to white bread and toasted to high heaven, creates magic. I defy you to refuse that sandwich.)


anonyakmous said...

I will gladly eat muenster over that plastic orange stuff that is packaged as individual slices. (Not that I'm trying to slam plastics, of course.) I would argue that it differs from tofu in that it does have a flavor of its own. I'm also not partial to cottage cheese, though I had ricotta just a few hours ago.

Hope all is going well.

Michelle said...

Well, to be fair, the plastic wrapped slices are lame. But Velveeta, for some reason, is chemical magic in a white-bread toasted-on-the-stove grilled cheese sandwich. My great-grandmother (from Russia who loved American processed foods) called it 'rubber cheese.'

Argyris said...

I hear that there's a real Muenster cheese, from the city of Muenster itself, that's dramatically different from (and better than) the deli stuff. Will investigate sometime.