Passive-aggressive poopery.

I don't know about your office, but mine has a nicely equipped "poop stall." Everyone knows that the approved "poop stall" is the one furthest from the door, where you can retreat in solitude, outlast a few pee-ers, thumb through the Vagisil product warning and the back of the M&Ms label (all that fits into your purse; I don't have the man-balls sufficient to stride into the poop stall proudly with a copy of the Wall Street Journal tucked under my arm.) Our poop stall is outfitted like the others with a multitude of TP rolls, but also with a can of industrial-strength Country Breeze Lysol - my favorite! I like to shoot a tiny courtesy spray upwards in synch with the courtesy flush.

However, in the spirit of 21st century poop-upmanship and eco-whininess, someone has taken issue with the Lysol, herein and to wit:

Now, I don't usually carry a pen into the stall (unless it's in my bag with a roughly folded copy of "Diesel Sweeties" - shut up), but someone was clearly on a mission. Someone hates cans; someone hates Lysol; someone is afraid that the next banned-supertoxin is disguised under all those Country Breezes. I tell ya, someone had better lighten up, plz!

Lysol is our friend (and a character on a classic Chappelle's Show bit)!

I bet that person uses paper seat savers and groans when they detect poopery rather than just deal with life. I'd rather have a pleasant, germicidal Country Fresh experience, than you!

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anonyakmous said...

Okay, I'll bite:

a) What does the "plz read" point to on the label? (I can't make out the text in the expanded image.)

b) Is it typical to be equipped to take cell phone photos in the stall? I am so far behind with me ever-fading needs-to-be-flipped-open-to-see-who-is-calling phone.

Michelle said...

a. it points to the "safety/precautions" area of the label.

b. i brought it in intentionally because I was amused by the label; I don't take calls in the stall.

anonyakmous said...

I have to admit to asking our custodian why a can of toxic stuff was being left on the bathroom floor, where it is easily accessible to inquisitive kids. The can in question was for sanitizing the seat. I never considered essentially spraying the stuff directly on my body.

Glad to hear about the phone. "with me phone" was supposed to be "with my phone", by the way. I hate when I make that typo.