A ridiculous conflict

ON THE ONE HAND....Old Navy, like too many retailers, has pulled their fat clothes from their stores, because apparently fat people and size 16 pants take up too much freaking room in their stores. Or, we'd rather shop while eating pounds and pounds of chocolate chicken pot pies. Or something. At any rate, it's online or nothing.

ON THE OTHER HAND...some of that stuff is cute and super cheap, which is what I require in clothing at this moment.

What's a semi-fattie to do?

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"anonymous" said...

whatever you do, I hope it doesn't include eating chocolate and chicken at the same time, unless it's a mole.

Isn't there a song about that?

On the serious side, do brick/mortar retailers let you return stuff that you buy online? If so, that could be handy regarding ever annoying shipping returns.