lord have mercy....

Tomorrow is Orthodox Easter. Besides taking care of a million other things, I am baking a 'lamb cake' for my aunt. It's a 2 piece aluminum mold; you fill half, and it rises to meet the other half. An easter miracle, no doubt.

(1) when you use chocolate cake instead of vanilla
(2) when the mold is a wee bit too full and leaks.

Then, you end up with a lamb perched serenely next to a pile of steaming poo.

Happy Easter, everyone! And happy Passover too!

Follow up: Somehow, the ears detached from the head (one, anyway); the head detached from the body; and random chunks dislodged. That poo was darn useful in patching up!


"anonymous" said...

And even though there was only enough lamb chocolate cake to last for one night, it somehow managed to last for 8 nights, even with everyone eating a generous slice. A tradition was soon born, with an ever larger chocolate lamb cake sliced each night for 8 nights in a row.

Michelle said...

Jew or not a jew? Hee hee.