What's new with me?

Not much, what's new with you?

Jem & The Holograms was a smashing success last night by all accounts. I had a blast, especially at the end watching the finale (my work here is done) from the tech booth with a swinging and bewigged Pat Baer.

I've lost my cell phone and resigned to the fact of sucking it up and buying a new one (no not an iPhone, thank you very much). Maybe I'll go balls-out and get a Treo, or just get the crappiest POS in the place.

Comedy partner Dale put the idea into my head of having a dinner party. Pad Thai, anyone?

I'm going to the gym tonight for sure, after putting in some good working hours.

Now that Jem has gone on, I need to sit back and get my own creative priorities in order. And straighten out some other business-business. Yikes!

I bought a friend (nickname pending) some lovely DVDs for his 33rd birthday - The Aristocrats and Season 1 of Dr. Katz. He was sweet enough to wait until I called to open them, and he was pretty thrilled. Nothing like getting someone the right gift!

Next week's July 4th. I'm not a fireworks fan, but I may hit the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest bright and early! Trying to get 'Pembleton' to go with me, who said he won't go if Kobayashi (champ with a sore jaw) pulls out. Status is day to day!

This weekend's a ways off but I'm making some minor plans - Chinatown, maybe the roller derby (Bronx Gridlock!) or just chilling out/cleaning house, which I sorely neglected last weekend. Possibly scooting to Long Island for the day.

Indeed, things aren't bad at all.

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