Stars, in their multitude.....

Aren't cheesy horoscopes fun? They inevitably make me giggle, nod knowingly or some such ridiculous assent to the generic assessment of my completely individual personality traits.

So here's the latest, from Glamour (I'm a Scorpio, surprise, you know how we are):

You tend to think of yourself as an emotional wreck, but there's a logical explanation for your obsessiveness. You're intensely emotional and mystically sexual (oh, those eyes!). No need to apologize. The key to your spiritual maintenance is finding healthful outlets for your passion, creativity, artistry and sensitivity. Yours is perhaps the most powerful sign of the zodiac. Take care not to surrender to Scorpio's darker side. You have the capacity to self-destruct and to destroy others. Your fear of losing control can wreak havoc, because it may induce you to grab power or attempt to control others excessively. When you're not doing well, you tend to detach and retreat from human contact. That's bad news because your intensity diffuses among groups. Sharing is vital to your long-term bliss. Your best match is someone who shares your interest in metaphysics and is charmed by your ethereal, fanciful musings. Don't batter yourself for your insecurities and emotional instabilities. Think of it as the cost of being a deep thinker. Your philosophies on such topics as survival, life's deeper meanings and reincarnation couldn't have become so highly evolved without a dose of depression. Still, you'll be fine. Your resourcefulness, work ethic, strength, courage and efficiency are your saving graces.

And while you're there, vote for "Jake" - as long as you think Jake should be Michael Somerville. I'm biased. Mike is a sweet funny guy who I've had the pleasure of being comedic with from time to time.


Kristina said...

Luckily for us, we have Glamour to tell us why we're crazy.

By the way, this horoscope was clearly written by a Taurus!

Anonymous said...

Mike Somerville won the Glamour gig as the columnist. I think he'll have us laughing for a while.

Michelle said...

I know! Hooray for "Jake"!