Work Out

(No not the show....although I do have a girl crush on Jackie.)

Does this ever happen to you or am I a total freak?

Whenever I work out harder than usual I get super emotional. This has happened in the past but it's happening more frequently now. The Once and Future Ex reminded me, as I was on the phone with him tonight, that a couple weeks ago after a 20 minute stretch on the bike following weights that I had a total panic attack (which hasn't happened, fortunately, in quite some time). Tonight I went swimming - hard - for the first time in a long time. (New bathing suit fits just about right, thank you). I then went out and about for a while without benefit of food and came home in abject tears. Oh yeah, I left out the one drink, an acoustic open mike, one annoying phone call, one decent phone call and one weeping phone call to try to keep it together. No avail.

I need some iced tea and a hug. In no particular order.

Did I mention I got a new swimsuit? Lands End basic tank suit can do no wrong.

I also own this suit. Not a good lap swimming suit.

Oh yeah before I forget....

Good night, all. Sweet dreams. Have a nice snack and get in your jammies and ignore the searing pain in your abdominal wall....and for fuck's sake, stop crying.


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