crap! technology!

1. Once and Future Ex* borrowed my computer. Guess who forgot to sign out of gmail? Why do I torture myself? I did send him an email from his own account, though. That's as assholish as I got.

2. My laptop ate three partially-started stories. Fuck!

3. My iMac is dying a slow painful death.

I'm gonna start using a goddamn quill pen and password locking shit.

*For those who are confused, OFEx is the legally bound one. Does this clarify?


Kristina said...

Oooooooh...I will admit there's few things that make a girl go uhoh like the borrowing of the computer, catching the email from the The Wannabe Girlfriend on the Somewhat Boyfriend's email box, which is then met with a full cookie delete before the computer is returned.

My solution-- MY COMPUTER MINE!

Michelle said...

My solution - full shutdown and stop being so @#%@ nice to the Ex.

Kristina said...

Exactly, my technology is NOT a man's world!

"anonymous" said...

Shame to hear that about the IMac. I thought (based on my ex) that Mac's lived forever, sort of like twinkies, but much, much better. Could the hardware just be fixed, somehow?

I hate when the computer eats partially written work. Save, rename, save, is my mantra. That and version control (but perhaps that is too techy, and it doesn't work well with Word).

Michelle said...

I may try feeding it Twinkies. It's my only hope!