I was tagged! By Maddy, who was tagged by Amanda, who I just delightfully saw today at lunch!

Okay. Here's the swell bloggy game: Write down five things you probably don't know about me.

What about me...don't you know...that I'm willing to put into print...indeed!

Okay, maybe these are mundane but they're TRUE.

1. Even though I'm Jewish by birth (I'm a halfsie), I sometimes if I'm anxious will cross myself, in the Russian Orthodox style. Just in case, and sometimes it's weirdly reassuring.

2. I enjoy tripe, tofu, and tempeh...but not together.

3. I started wearing glasses when I was seven. Possibly related, I have horrible judgment when it comes to colors. I have to ask people in the store "Are these pants black, blue or brown?"

4. I secretly love wearing high heels but don't do it often because of pain and klutziness.

5. My first time on stage was in first grade, when I played the title role in "The Selfish Giant." What a meanie!

Who did I tag?



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