In case you've been asleep at the proverbial wheel...

At this time, this blog is apparently about the following:

1. An unseemly obsession with "Homicide" and any number of connections thereto (Tom Fontana, Baltimore, bisexuality)
2. Food (including but not limited to recipes, food quirks and hateful Food Network troll-bitch-hosts. Look out Ina Gartner, look out.)
3. An unhealthy, overwrought analysis of relationships past, present and future often through the use of slightly obscure ballads.

Just so you know.

Meanwhile, the Richmond County Fair is September 9th and 10th. Did you know that Richmond County (aka Staten Island) even HAD a friggin' fair? Does that mean deep-fried Italian sausage on a stick? Fuhgeddaboutit!

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