Ain't no cure for the summertime ewwwws

Spotted on the walk to work this morning:

1. A woman in a smart tailored suit open at the next showing off an intricate array of subclavicular tattoos. (I'd like to think she was an attorney and it was the Bill of Rights or the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act.)

2. A shortish man in a neat grey suit, his briefcase and duffel bag on the ground next to him, shaking off and zipping up after peeing on a deli.

3. A woman in bright red surgical scrubs smoking extra-long cigarettes.

4. A woman in a black strapless cocktail dress, stiletto heels and a battered bouquest of flowers. Must've been a great night! She got flowers!

5. My purse strap creeping repeatedly across my right nipple for four crosstown blocks before I realized there were projection issues.

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