Weird food combinations I find that I enjoy

Maybe you will too! Or maybe you'll just groan.

1. Honey roasted peanuts and yogurt

I'm enjoying a French Vanilla (Stonyfield fat free) yogurt with HRPs from the deli downstairs. Crunchy/sweet/salty/creamy good!

2. Deli tossed salad

I have to say I see some pretty gruesome combinations out there; it's as if the salad counter toss is one's only daily refuge into creativity.

Mine is perhaps only slightly weird, but with serious shades of unhealty: blue cheese crumbles, mandarin oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes and occasionally bacon or walnuts. Sometimes avocado or asparagus wanders in. A touch of fat free honey dijon dressing. Romaine only, please! Keep your weedy mixed greens and nasty raw spinach.

3. Lipton noodle soup and eggs

A childhood staple. Kind of like homemade eggdrop soup but not as gluey (and with little noodles!) Ring noodle is actually better even though it is not technically "chicken noodle" but "noodle soup with chicken." Yum!

4. Black bean garlic sauce and sweet potatoes.

Grated sweet potatoes mixed with egg, flour and a spoon of black bean garlic sauce. Formed into tiny cakes and pan fried. Weird but great (and you may be getting the extent of my sodium addiction by now). From the late great Laurie Colwin.

5. My favorite smoothie

Milk or soymilk, ice, cocoa powder, Splenda, vanilla sugar free protein powder, peanut butter, and a handful of granola. Texture!

Queasy yet? In the next foodie episode, my on and off again love affair with dried meat and meat-stick products.

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