I am obsessed.

As an aside the link I got the last post's photo from may be the most adorable website for guys who want to get cute and meaningful (And by meaningful I mean 'canned cuteness that would make me cringe but is hilarious in the abstract) "pressies for their princess." Also, "pressies for your princess" sounds dirty but it's not

By the way, if any of you menfolk who read my blog and are so inclined (which I believe is a subset of the total, whose number is less than one), I would either be appalled or amazed with any bundle of crap ordered from this site and send to me. I especially loathe teddy bears, they collect lint. Still, I may turn all girly, it's a calculated risk.

Cut to later: I am officially obsessed with this website and I can't explain why. I think it's PMS. Stop me before I order something cute. I can't afford overseas shipping on this stuff.

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