Terms of Endearment. Try turning it off.

SPOILER ALERT: This is the stupidest sappiest post ever.

80s sapfest, yes. Why do they all have that horrible piano music in the background?

But it's one of my 'sucker' movies. If it's on, I must switch to it.

Besides the overarching weepy plot (see also Beaches) and the presence of Debra Winger (see Officer and a Gentleman; shouldn't she have also had the Barbara Hershey role in Beaches? Think about it! Anyhoo...), it's got quirky old-person romance.

Shirley MacLaine just got it on with Jack Nicholson ("the astronaut." Don't you refer to people by their titles and not their names? I do.) Jeff Daniels just got caught cheating on Debra Winger.

And it's not even halfway over. Not even at the mega-sad parts.

I've gotta go.

1250 AM: It's on again.

The Astronaut is a selfish cunt. Then again, so is Aurora.

Aurora and Emma:
"I just don't want to fight anymore."
"When do we fight?"

Aurora to Flap:
"One of the nicest qualities about you is that you always recognized your own weaknesses. Don't lose that quality now when you need it the most."

"Who am I if I'm not the man who's failing Emma?"

Flap and Emma:
"God, you're easy to please."
"I'm so glad we're talking, I just am. It just means so much to me..."


I've gotta go.

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