I'm so glad we've had this time together....

Does anyone remember "The Carol Burnett Show?"

This is the sketch comedy I was raised on, with a TV in my room, no less, staying up late on Saturday nights when I was a kid.

These writers and actors were amazing. (Barry Levinson, by the way, was a writer, according to imdb. Did I mention I love imdb? carry on.)

Does anyone know who the fuck could write, act or even put up the Tim Conway Hitler puppet sketch on TV today? Actually before they put that one up on the highlights show, they mentioned that "you never knew what Tim was gonna do next." So I wonder how much of that show was improvised, in the end.

Okay, sometimes the parodies were a little cheesy, but the ones that hit - Love Story, Sunset Boulevard, Gone with the Wind - were classic.

And Harvey Korman breaking up - insanity. The Novocain sketch? Amazing.

I just imdb'd it - it was on from 1967-78. Wow. Since I was born. Tim Conway wasn't on till 1975 - damn. I do remember the show slightly before him.

Yeah, this was a highlights show, so of course it's just the good stuff, but damn...that was good stuff.


It also reminded me, a bit sadly, of my fabulous childhood friend Rob, a pal and worthy teasing adversary since kindergarden through high school, who passed on (the word was) of AIDS in the late 80s. He came one year to the high school Halloween party/dance dressed as Norma Desmond. Complete with rhinestones, black dress, hat, heels, and swinging-tennisball boobs.

Fabulous. So very fabulous. (The next year he came as the Pope. I've got the photos).

MAX! MAX! Yes, Mzzz Desmond?

Hilarity. Joy. This women rocked it hard. (And was swell enough to have a gender-balanced cast. You go, Carol! Wow.)

Mad respect.

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AB Carney said...

I was a huge Carol Burnett fan as a kid. My favorite moments were when Tim, Harvey and Carol (sometimes Vicki) would crack each other up and then struggle like hell to get their composure back.