"Incest is best...." Not.

Not real live icky-backwoods incest. Electronic-community incest. So, inspired in part by a friend/STER, and having little more productive things to do during lunch than sip on ginger tea and nibble on partially-defrosted organic pizza rolls (yummy goodness!) I used a popular online community search engine to create a series of "matches" for me based on a grossly oversimplified set of criteria.

And I got a list of 73 names. Success!

Humming along, I started to scroll down, browsing the facial trading cards. No wait- I was on an improv team with him. No wait- he was my improv coach. No wait- we sat together at Harold night a few weeks ago. No, no, no. At worst - no. At best - awwkward...

So I find myself smiling at a picture and profile towards the end. Picture - a movie still from a favorite movie. Profile - gave me the giggles. Age - nearly appropriate.

I drift my eye back over the picture.

You are connected by....Click here for all. Click.
And the list unravels like a banner in the wind. Connection, connection, connection...
Even worse than knowing I know him, is not knowing if I do...and having him check around with the "people in common." All of them, that I do know. Or kinda know.

I think I'm 2 degrees removed from some dude named "Styrofoam Peanuts." Hot.

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