Cranky post-fever observations.

1. "The Starter Wife" - Since when has being a divorcee, in and of itself, been fascinating, much less a plot point? What is this, 1953? Shut up, Debra Messing. Just shut up and stop smiling. Jeez.

2. How come when you're unshowered, borderline delirious, and exceedingly cranky (while looking slightly like a crazy person), the newsagent guys will still flirt with you? Moreover, I was buying a crocheting magazine, the most unsexy purchase ever.

3. I've got nothing. Sorry.

Wait - I do.

3. If you're a "friend" and not nearly as good to me as I am to you, then I don't need to include you in that category. Thanks for playing! (Chances are that if you are reading this, it doesn't apply to you.)


Anonymous said...

What if we're afraid that we're in that category, but try not to be? What if we're paranoid? Perhaps that means "call".

Michelle said...

I know at least ten people named "anonymous."

Anonymous, again said...

Good to learn that readership is increasing!

Michelle said...

Wait, is this the same anonymite?