World's Most Inane Blog Meme, or What to do when Insomnia Strikes

1. Name three songs you sing when you think no one is listening.

2. Favorite cheese?

3. Favorite informercial?

4. Jammies, undies, tshirt, nightie or nothing?

5. What celebrity would you sleep with in a heartbeat, even if you knew that a photographer from Us Weekly was poised outside your window to take a fuzzy photo of your naked butt?

6. Beer, wine or sangria?

7. Favorite refrigerator magnet?

8. Would you ever eat an unsugared grapefruit?

9. Most recent QVC purchase? If so, what? If not, why?

10. Favorite art supply?

11. SPF?

Enjoy. I'm not bothering to tag anyone but if you're up at this hour, hey, go to town. Feel free to post answers in the comments if you're blogless.

1 comment:

sunshine said...

OMG! at 2.40am?? :)