Would you say that I was flat chested?

If I asked you honestly? And relatively?

I have no idea why I'm writing this. I am sniffing at a bag of chocolate chip cookies but don't feel like eating them.

Last night I almost had a 'wardrobe malfunction' because my favorite, molded-cup, formerly-pushup bra now oddly hovers over my girlish curves in the most random of manners. I had to run to the ladies' room to replace the girls back into their now-large spare rooms.

(in the interests of full disclosure, that bra is a size 44DDD.)


Here's a picture of a 1940s 'sweater girl' for your amusement.


anonymous??? said...

In short (to the orig post question), "no". Cute phrasing about "the girls", though.

Looking back a few days, I'll have to try out those tarts. Mmm, chocolate.

testingblog1 said...

Great site! Ok this is going to sound really stupid but, Do you think I should wear 2 bra's or look flat? I posted my question and the background below and was hoping to get feedback or comments.



Please let me know what you think,