More about me!

1. If you saw my legs, you would think I was an extra in Law & Order (Maybe I should send a snap to Central Casting). I've got stripey bruises from riding in my uncle's fishing boat and knocking into stuff, and new roundish bruises from I don't even know what. And although the insect bites are starting to heal, they are pretty scabby red. Since my blood's 'thinner than onion juice' I have to be concerned about spontaneous, slow-healing bruises.

2. To my great consternation, I noticed this morning that one of my giant cans of GNC protein powder (purchased on sale naturally) was laden with high fructose corn syrup. Health, shmealth! Back to Spirutein....if I didn't feel compelled to use all this crap up first.

3. I'm still at work, and my boss just called and interrupted my train of thought (such as it was). Oh well.

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